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Mar. 28, 2013
Responding to numerous requests, MS Outlook parser was released. more

Oct. 16, 2009
New OpenDocument family documents parsers are availble now.

Aug. 31, 2007
New MS Office 2007 documents parsers has been added to the collection.

Nov. 21, 2005
Docs2text 2.0 component released. Supported document formats are MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, rtf, Adobe Acrobat PDF.

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pst2text or pst2txt

pst2text is a component/library for extracting messages (including but not limited to body, subject, author etc), attachments and other information from MS Outlook Personal Storage Table (PST).


Main features of pst2text are:

  • doesn't require MS Outlook to process documents;
  • supports messages extraction;
  • attachments processing;
  • unicode and ANSI versions are supported;
  • supports various related to messages information processing and extraction;
  • close integration with the other parsers for further processing attachments with supported documents (optional)

Contact us to request the demo version of this library.